at hometown appliance center we believe in a more traditional way of OPERATING our STORE and treating customers.  treating our customers the way we would want to be treated is what we strive for. toO many businesses forget its the customer who ultimately keep the doors open. WE HOPE EVERYBODY FINDS OUR SERVICES ACCOMIDATING. 
We ALSO understand not everybody can afford new appliances, especially when one unexpectedly breaks and you haven’t budgeted for it. Next time you need an appliance consider buying used or refurbished, you can spend a fraction of the cost and get the same quality product.   we completely go through, repair, and clean everything before it gets set on our sales floor. We stand behind everything we sell with a 30 day money back guarantee. WE STOCK A WIDE VARIETY OF INVENTORY TO SUIT EVERYBODY’S NEED. OUR INVENTORY CHANGES DAILY, SO BE SURE TO CALL AND SEE WHAT WE HAVE ON HAND.